Views from a diverse array of Coloradans

To help provide Colorado’s new Congressional Redistricting Commission with views from a diverse array of Coloradans with a deep understanding of the state, the Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (COHCC) developed a “Great 8 for a Great State” map. 

In it, we identified dozens of communities of interest that — as Amendment Y specified — could be subject to federal legislation in the next decade. We also worked hard to make districts compact and to preserve political subdivisions, following Colorado Supreme Court guidance to keep cities and towns whole in the populated Front Range and deferring to county boundaries outside of these population centers. 

Highlights of the COHCC’s Great 8 for a Greate State map:

  • A new, 8th Congressional District in the diverse and fast-growing areas north of Denver.
  • This  8th CD is designed as a minority-influence district, with Latinos comprising nearly a third of the voting-age population, and should be competitive for both parties.
  • A second minority-influence district that keeps Denver as whole as possible in the 1st Congressional District. 
  • A redrawn 6th congressional district that keeps Aurora — which is the third-largest and most diverse city in the state — whole.

We believe it is critical to avoid any attempts to “pack” minority voices into a single district under the guise of creating a majority-minority district. 

The Great 8 for a Great State map reflects the fact that the commission must draw a map for the entire state, with recommendations for all 8 districts.

For our great state, we need districts drawn to deliver fair and effective representation for all Coloradans in Congress during the next decade — and cannot overlook the growing strength and unique needs of our communities of color.

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